Sunday, November 7, 2021

GLOG Class Attempt: Ripple of the Primordial Chiming

Stock art attributed to Maksim-Manekin

In the beginning, as the Harmonies say, there was nothing but still and infinite water. For an eternity it stood crystalline and still, until the Chiming began. Its vibrations radiated outward across the water, forming ripples that disturbed the mirror of infinity and gave shape to space, time, and other forms of matter. The Chiming has never ended, and forever rings outward from the center of the ever-expanding universe.

Echoes of the Chiming can be heard everywhere- on the wind, in the background radiation of the earth, during a bad case of tinnitus, etc. But water is still regarded as the purest medium for the sound of creation, and it is through water that bell-priests, or Ripples, of the Primordial Chiming do their work. It is said that they both tap into and propagate that musica universalis to bring structure and harmony to the world. It is also said that they are nothing but a whole lot of noisy ritual.

You are one such Ripple, recently departed from your tocsinary on the Echoing- a pilgrimage to one of your faith's most far-flung holy sites.

Ripple of the Primordial Chiming
Starting Equipment: ball mace that doubles as a bell mallet, a set of 20 ritual bells & singing bowls, rope-belted brocade sarong.
Starting Skills: Perform (Bells, Chimes, Etc.) and Religion. Also, roll on the adjacent table.

A: Waves & Water
B: Unleash Cacophony
C: Quiet the Dissonant
D: Cleansing Crescendo

You gain +1 Save vs Fear (and any other extremes of emotion) for each Ripple of the Primordial Chiming template you possess. You get +1 Save if you possess 2 or more Ripple of the Primordial Chiming templates.

A: Waves & Waters
Ringing your bells allows you to divert and control the flow of water around you. You always move water slowly and gently, with limits- you can't reverse the flow of an entire river for example, but you can allow a boat you're riding to float upstream. Additionally, you may walk on the surface of water as long as you do nothing else but play a singing bowl with both hands.

B: Unleash Cacophony
The Chiming can be overwhelming and painful to the uninitiated, and you can use that to your advantage by subjecting your foes to loud, booming strikes. If you hit an enemy with a melee weapon, you can choose to deal 1 damage instead of rolling for damage. The target is befuddled for 1 round.

C: Quiet the Dissonant
You ring or throw a silver bell whose toll is the utter silence of water yet untouched by the Chiming. All creatures within 60' of the bell must Save or be deafened, then Save again or be silenced for 1 minute each. The bell is destroyed after use.

D: Cleansing Crescendo
You perform a ritual that takes 1 full day, in which you gradually ring more and more bells and bowls around a single target until they momentarily harmonize with the Chiming itself. At the end of the ritual your target is cleansed of one curse or disease. You can perform this ritual once per week.


Ripple of the Primordial Chiming Skills


Surviving a religious riot that targeted your tocsinary granted you the blasphemous knowledge that sometimes, being silent is best. Gain +1 Stealth.


An elemental spirit of water has taken a liking to your ritual music. Your singing bowls magically refill with water once per day if emptied.


You had very sensitive hearing as a child. Gain a set of heavy duty earplugs that make you immune to aural distractions, but deafen you to all sounds except ringing.


You were ordained as a bellfounder before going Echoing. Gain a repair kit usable on bells, chimes, and other small metallic objects.


A wealthy passerby was quite taken by your last bell ritual, and you haven’t found a tocsinary to pass their donation onto- yet. Gain 10sp and a sealed letter of conversion.


You are a true emanation of the Chiming. Gain the 1st Elf Wizard Cantrip. You can cast it once per day.

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