Tuesday, June 29, 2021

GLOG Class Attempt: The Wildered


Shapeshifter by Stephanie Lostimolo

The world of people once made sense to you, and perhaps you even belonged there for a time. But then you heard Nature's call, and you gave yourself over to it. It's called to you a few times since then. There's little left of your old self now- even your body has begun to take on a new shape, sculpted as it is by the wild whims of the land into an amalgam of plant, animal, and person. You're not some great protector or apex predator, at least not yet. You're just a better denizen than most.

But that will change at any moment, when the wild comes calling again.

The Wildered

Starting Equipment: tattered and travelworn clothes, a wooden club.
Starting Skills: Wilderness.

A: Drift, Hear the Land Whisper
B: Drift
C: Drift
D: Drift, See the Land Breathe

You gain +1 HP for every Wildered template you possess.

A-D: Drift
Each time you gain a template, roll once on the Drift table. Reroll any repeats. Drift is superficially similar to mutation, only it comes from giving yourself over to the transformative whims of Wild Nature instead of being corrupted by unnatural magic.

Most normal people won't know or appreciate this distinction.





Coat of Fur

A thick coat of fur covers your skin, giving you +4 to Constitution on rolls to resist cold. You shed excessively to keep cool in warm weather.


Prehensile Tail

You grow a long tail, or a vine close enough to one. It can manipulate objects like a hand or carry an item to give you 1 additional Quick Draw Slot, but it can’t do things like wield a weapon or use a magic item.



You gain the power to produce and store noxious spores. You can eject a 10’ cloud of spores centered on you once per day. Anyone caught in the cloud must Save or be stunned for 1 round. Also, every spore cloud has a 1 in 100 chance of spawning a small, feral copy of you in that area in 1d6 years.



Both your feet stretch and twist into springy animal legs. You suffer no penalties to Movement over rough terrain, and can Move and Run +10’.


Scaly Hide

Your skin becomes scaly and snakelike. Gain +1 Defense for 3 weeks out of the month. You shed and regrow your skin over the fourth week. The new you never looks perfectly like your last skin.



Leaves grow around your head like a mane of hair, soaking up sunlight. If you rest in a sunny area, you don’t need to consume a ration.


Vine or Vice

You grow either prehensile vines or a clasping appendage like a pincer. You gain +2 on rolls to grapple someone.



You gain the power to play dead very convincingly, stopping your breathing, heartbeat, and other bodily processes for up to 1 hour per day.


Root System

You can lay down roots wherever there is natural ground for them to bore into. Your Strength counts as 20 against being pushed, shoved, or moved. You can also detect soil quality and underground water within 30’.


Fang & Claw

You gain some kind of natural defense of your choice, such as claws, hooves, fangs, a beak, etc. You can attack with it as a Light weapon.


Sensitive Snout

Your face elongates and becomes bestial. You gain an acute sense of smell, and can track creatures and things by scent.



Cell walls in your muscles toughen, and your blood runs thick like sap. Reduce all incoming damage by 1. Also, cuts stop bleeding after 1 round.



Glands across your body secrete a toxic substance. Anything that grabs you or hits you with a bare part of their body must Save or take 1d4 damage. Anything that bites you has -4 on the Save.



A venomous stinger erupts from some part of your body. You can make an Attack roll once a day to inject a target with your venom (1d6).


Creeping & Climbing

Your hands and feet sport sticky pads or hairlike filaments. Climb as fast as you can Run. You can attempt impossible climb tests.



You grow rudimentary gills, a few fins, and possibly a swim bladder. Swim as fast as you can Run and breathe water for up to 1 hour a day.



Reactive pigments and patterns in your skin, hair, etc. attempt to blend you into your surroundings under duress. Gain +2 to Stealth.


Vestigial Wings

You sprout a set of wings. They can be feathered, leathery, diaphanous, etc. They are too weak to fly with, but they can slow your descent. Take ½ damage from falling.



As long as you stay alive, you can regrow a severed limb after 1 year has passed. You can only regenerate one limb at a time.


Bounteous Branches

Branches like antlers sprout from your head and shoulders. You grow fruit worth 1d4 rations every week. Picked fruit spoils in 4 days.

A: Hear the Land Whisper
You lose the ability to read or write any language, and can never become literate again. Once per day you can meditate in a place of undisturbed wilderness for 10 minutes. If you do, you can ask 1 question of the land as if you had successfully cast Dendrigraphy with 1 Magic Die invested, except you can ask your question of any natural topography- a tree, a rock formation, a glacier, etc.

D: See the Land Breathe
Just as your body has been wildered, so too is your mind. You suffer a permanent loss of 1d3 Wisdom and 1d3 Charisma as you let superfluous things like mortal cognition and interpersonal relations atrophy. You can see the vague outlines of invisible things, and know if someone is a spellcaster just by looking them in the eyes, as if you were affected by the permanent effects of Wizard Vision. Druids start off non-hostile to you, and offer some begrudging recognition of your wildered status.

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