Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Desolate Days: 40 Special Things

 A random assortment of Special Things one's goblins might encounter and make use of while braving the wide, unwelcoming world.

These are relatively simple, mundane items that might be found or given in a goblin Home. "Primitive", if you must use the word.

Stranger and more wonderous items are sure to exist out there in the wilds. An impossibly rare few might even offer a +2 bonus to certain risk rolls.

d40Special Thing+1 to...
1Air BladderWeakness risks to swim on the surface
2Bag of RocksClumsiness risks to attack things from afar
3Bone NeedleClumsiness risks to mend torn things
4CharcoalNaivete risks to draw coherent images
5Crude InstrumentTimidity risks to perform music
6Facepaint, BlueTimidity checks to be friendly
7Facepaint, RedTimidity checks to be scary
8Fancy LoinclothTimidity checks to flaunt wealth and affluence
9Fermented FruitWeakness risks to ignore pain
10FlintNaivete risks to light fires
11Floppy SandalsClumsiness risks to walk on dangerous terrain
12Frog OilClumsiness risks to avoid getting grabbed/grappled
13Glossy Conch ShellNaivete risks to filter and hear certain sounds
14Greasy SoapTimidity risks not to not smell like a monster
15Gut String CordWeakness risks to detain something
16HammerstoneClumsiness risks to make small stone unspecial things
17Hopping StickWeakness risks to jump long distances
18Hunk of SaltNaivete risks to cook appetizing meals
19Jagged Bone KnifeClumsiness risks to cut things
20Jar of DirtNaivete risks to grow things
21Leaky WaterskinWeakness risks to resist thirst
22Lucky RopeWeakness risks to climb
23Lumpy PillowWeakness risks to sleep on uncomfortable ground
24Monster MuskClumsiness risks to smell like a type of monster
25Old DollTimidity risks to resist fear effects
26Oversized MittensClumsiness risks to hold cold/hot/sharp stuff
27PeaberriesWeakness risks to resist sleeping
28Pet Shriek-FrogNaivete risks to avoid being sneaked up on
29Pincer Bug JewelryTimidity risks to appear tough & cool
30Pocket SandClumsiness risks to blind something
31Priceless Ancient ArtifactWeakness risks to bludgeon things
32Ratty BlanketWeakness risks to resist the cold
33Scribbly MapNaivete risks to avoid getting lost
34Shiny CoinsTimidity risks to barter for goods/services
35Sticky MudClumsiness risks to hide in camouflage
36Stone AxeheadClumsiness risks to make wooden unspecial things
37Stone DrillClumsiness risks to bore holes in things
38Sturdy Stone SpearheadWeakness risks to stab things
39Termite StickNaivete risks to forage for food in the wild
40Worry StoneTimidity risks to soothe existential dread

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