Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Bridgetown is live on Kickstarter!

First of all, sorry for my absence this past month-and-a-half or so. I haven't exactly been busy writing, but I've been busy as in mentally preoccupied by the launch of our book's Kickstarter campaign, which happened two days ago.

Come check out and maybe back Bridgetown here!

To recap, Bridgetown is a campaign setting designed for Troika! about an infinitely long, perpetually crumbling bridge floating between two oblivions. There's all manner of punks and weirdos living on the Bridge, and there are always hijinks and adventures to get up to. Like casting rock magic that may or may not be killing the Bridge, or smashing a gatekeeper in the face with a brick.

My cowriter (The Lawful Neutral) and I will also be doing an interview about Bridgetown later today for WIP Workshop by RPGs Uncovered. It will start at around 7PM EST. Check out their Twitch and you might catch us live, or browse their YouTube channel in a few days for the VOD.

And to those of you who get backer anxiety about parting with money for something that might not even fund (especially in this economy!) I have one thing to say; fret not. We were blown away by the surge of support in our first day, and are now comfortably funded. Anything you decide to send our way is pure bonus acorns. I'm just sorry to report that our higher tier rewards like mossy dice and billy goat balm have all been snatched up.

That's all for this little update. I will be back to making normal posts later this week. I have so, so many mostly-finished drafts that it's actually starting to become a problem. The purge must commence. Hope you enjoy them!

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