Tuesday, June 9, 2020

1d6 Backgrounds for TROIKA!

After incorrectly comparing Tequendria to it, I bothered to actually read through some TROIKA!, found it interesting, and decided to make a few backgrounds for it! Don't hold your breath on a full d66 table anytime soon, though. I was barely able to squeeze out enough gonzo for six.

... Side note, "squeezing out gonzo" sounds like something that should get my blog flagged as adult content.

Anyway! Enjoy. I took the custom background rules to heart and tried not to fret too much about balance, which is usually my Achilles' Heel after a lifetime of enjoying tinkering with character builds.

 d6 Background
1Derro Biomass Reaver
2Flowerbed Troll
3Goblin Pioneer
4Longfolk Pruner
5Very Lost Orc
6Zood Knight

Derro Biomass Reaver
Your world's atmosphere drained away millennia ago, forcing you and your kind deep below the crust, where your stature and sanity both shrank in equal measure. Now, you travel the spheres seeking out the choicest flora, fauna, and stranger forms of life to bring back home for the re-terraforming effort.

Catabolizer (Damage as Pistolet).
A Map of some of the Crystal Spheres.
 Oversized Goggles.
A Tank of Unidentifiable Organic Goo.

Advanced Skills
1 Acrobatics
2 Astrology
1 Awareness
1 Catabolizer Crafting
2 Catabolizer Fighting
2 Mathology
1 Reaving Barge Pilot
2 Trapping

Your signature weapon zaps at organic targets with tongues of black and green lightning, splitting cells into base elements and collecting them in a melange of goo in a tank on your back. Stamina lost to your catabolizer takes twice as many points of healing to recover, and the weapon leaves telltale fractal scars. You can repair and maintain your strange disintegration weapon with the relevant Advanced Skill. If you lose your catabolizer, you can only get a replacement from another derro.

Flowerbed Troll
Trolls are said to inhabit every climate across the hump-backed sky, including the spaces between crystal spheres. You are a placid, vacant-eyed flowerbed troll, loamy and always smelling of petrichor and sweetly rotting fruit. You still hunger for flesh, but you learned long ago that it is easiest to barter for it using the flowers and medicinal herbs which grow betwixt your sagging, mossy shoulders.

Ballet Shoes.
Claws (Damage as Sword).
Hedge Trimmers (for personal grooming).
Homemade Fertilizer.
A Sack of Raw Meat (d6 Rations).

Advanced Skills
4 Gardening
2 Healing
1 Poison
4 Strength

Your mossy, meaty metabolism allows you to regenerate, making nasty wounds easier to bounce back from. You can eat rations to regain d6 Stamina 1 additional time per day.You can also eat raw meat and mildly rotten plant matter without suffering ill effects.You have to eat three times as many rations as a human to keep from starving, and you can't regenerate while hungry.

You can also pick d6 random herbs, flowers, berries, or lichens from your back per day without ill effects. Your verdant hide grows a new random assortment every day, unless the last batch was never picked. Unpicked plants rot away and fertilize new growth after one week.

Goblin Pioneer
The crystal sphere you hail from has grown so tightly packed with labyrinth that its surface is beginning to crack. You and countless others of your ilk took to the hidden passages between, and now seek out new spheres freshly bobbed to the surface to tame and civilize with snaking, confounding tunnels.

 A Missive from the Goblin King.
 Bricklaying Tools.
 Broken Compass.
 Utility Knife.

Advanced Skills
1 Awareness
2 Bricklaying
2 Climb
1 Secret Signs
3 Sneak
2 Tracking
1 Trapping

You can Test your Luck to become MEGA LOST. Your trailblazer's intuition points you toward someplace nearby ("nearby" being relative to your position in the entirety of the hump-backed sky) that has never been discovered. These places are often mythical, exciting, rich, and even stranger than most. A place that is so deadly that none of its would-be discoverers survive to see civilization again also counts as undiscovered.

Longfolk Pruner
You and your mirthless, elongated tribe live a hard life, burning away the carnivorous rot in the forest depths while warding away childish outsiders with ballista-sized longbows. But the corruption is running deeper than ever before, and now your distorted and rangy limbs traverse the spheres in search of a solution.

 A Box of Ashes (3 Uses).
 Flint & Tinder.
 A Loincloth.
 Saw-Bladed Glaive (Damage as Polearm).
 A Very Large Longbow and 6 Arrows.
 Topiary Hobbyist's Kit.

Advanced Skills
4 Firemaking
1 Healing
3 Longbow Fighting
3 Poleaxe Fighting
2 Run
1 Second Sight

You can paint yourself in multicolored streaks of soot and ash for protection. A full coating of ashes from multiple types of hardwood makes you Lightly Armoured for one day, or until you are exposed to heavy rain or full submersion in water.

Very Lost Orc
You were just minding your own business when that foolish apprentice wizard accidentally summoned you far from home. You couldn't even get the satisfaction of beating them senseless, since the swarm of gremlins beat you to that. Now you must find your way back to your smoky and garishly colored clan-hold before your chieftain finds you missing from your post.

 Bone Dice.
 Light Armour.
 Tribal Totem.
 Weapon of your choice.
 Your Half-eaten Lunch.

Advanced Skills
2 in a Fighting Skill of your choice
2 Awareness
1 Run
2 Scrimshaw
3 Strength

You can Test your Luck to get back on track after becoming truly, hopelessly lost. This ability only works when you have a specific destination in mind. You don't have to possess a perfect mental image of your exact destination- at least a proper place name and some major landmarks will do. This ability can't be used to bring you straight back to your clan-hold, frustratingly.

Zood Knight
Bowlegged and stocky, you sit proud atop your majestic zood. Few across the spheres have the good breeding or sense to appreciate all the fine qualities of this noble, if noisy creature. Never mind that it looks like an elephant seal-sized tardigrade, or that it is constantly flatulent.

 Diving Bladder.
• A Firkin of Zood Blubber.
 Fishing Net & Line.
 A Saddle.
 Toggle-Headed Lance.
 Waterproof Zoodskin Clothes (Modest Armour).

Advanced Skills
1 Acrobatics
2 Climb
1 Etiquette
2 Lance Fighting
3 Resist Odor
2 Ride
1 Swim

You never sink in water or other liquids unless you wish to. You can also float straight up to the surface of a body of liquid at up to twice your movement speed. Once you break the surface, this ability may or may not jettison you up high into the air like a rotund, though no less majestic, porpoise.


  1. fabulous content, the flowerbed troll is just delicious flavor!

    1. I decided not to include any art in-post, but the inspirational art for that idea is spectacular. https://twitter.com/TomKilianArt/status/799704531013632000

  2. I really, really like how Goblin Pioneer can get Mega Lost.