Friday, September 14, 2018

Patreon Is Go!

I guess even with baby steps, you cross a threshold eventually...

After months and months of deliberation over whether it was worthwhile, merited, or sleazy to do, I've finally decided to just go ahead and launch a Patreon page.

You can view it here or on the main page of my blog once I figure out the widget.

This is also an appropriate time to mention that I am not dead! Another long apathy hiatus is ended, and I will be publishing my overdue Episode 2 on Goblin Watch within the next few days- not to mention the half-dozen empty drafts which have been sitting around on my post list.

It all starts with a title, sometimes.

Anyway, I am going to use Patreon to fund any future ideas I have for the Burrow, as well as open it up as another source of CuPosts, if you prefer that site over Ko-fi. My Ko-fi will be staying up too, however. And I am always eager to write about any sort of prompts you can think of.

My goals aren't concrete at the moment, other than commissioning a higher definition image for the page. But rest assured, I will find a way to give back to all of you for reading my stuff for this long, dear Burrowers.

Have a good end of the summer, and to my fellow East Coasters, stay dry and out of the storm!

Yeah, that was all a terrible mistake and I canceled the whole thing a few months after it started. All I was doing was sapping five bucks a month from a handful of people who like or wanted to help me. It did nothing for my ability to produce content, and I am embarrassed I ever tried.

Maybe someday when I have something resembling quality and consistency here, I might try again, but it's unlikely. You can still buy posts from me on Ko-fi, at least.

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