Sunday, April 15, 2018

Artist Appreciation.

I hope spring has finally arrived for most of you, Burrowers. The high winds and 30°F temperatures of winter are lingering here as of late, with the added bonus of rain water causing the ground to become sodden or swollen. I had to kick the door to my den hard enough to dent the front of my shoe just to get it open this morning. Of course I saw a squirrel on the other side and immediately shut it again, and now I'm wishing that I still had that barricade of a dirt clod in place.

But while I'm trying to stay hunkered down and quiet, I've come across a couple of delightful things that I wanted to pass on to others.

First and foremost, I want to thank an artist known as Evoro for this awesome bit of sketchwork.

To any of you longtime readers, this gangling guy might be recognizable as Ergil, one of the gods of the ITUniverse whom I've written about before. He's a psychopomp and avatar of death, but also the acceptance and relief of death, so he's a fairly swell fellow. Not a great conversationalist, though.

I recommend that you can check out Evoro's art blog for other doodles. In particular, I like the Darkest Dungeon inspired character designs.

Also, I'd like to thank an unnervingly dedicated super-fan for initially commissioning the sketch.

You know who you are.

Completely unrelated to any of my work, I wanted to give the comic GoblinsGoblins a plug.

It's a once-every-few-days single-panel strip detailing the misadventures of two nameless little goblins wandering around a dreary, swampy, forested world full of death, grinding despair, ennui, ruined leather boots, and heart-rending determination in the face of all those things. It pretty well sums up the feeling I have when I'm trying to get out of bed some mornings, and I think other youngish adult-like people could appreciate and relate to some of the themes the Tall Goblin muses on.

I hope the comic persists for a good long while, and that we might get a more in-depth look into the thoughts or personality Small Goblin someday.

As an added bonus for you readers who dig Magic: the Gathering, the artist has apparently designed an entire goblin deck.

It seems a lot more effective than my last attempt at a minotaur tribal.

Stupid digeridoos never getting drawn when I needed them...

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