Monday, March 12, 2018

Ko-fi Update: Fuel my creativity in more ways than one!

Hello once again, dear Burrowers. Sorry for the slow month. The leaping year and the daylight spending always come as a surprise to me, and leave little goblin a little dazzled for a while.

And, while I've been delighting in the weirdness which a certain hedge-mage has brought to the surgical table of my recent and most long-running series of posts, I am currently trying to work out where exactly the travelogue will be heading... other than Southward and/or Backward, of course.

I do have an end point in mind, as well as several dots along the trail in-between, but it's the in between in-betweens that are challenging me at the moment.

I come to you with good tidings, though.

Never again will I want for writing topics, so long as you lot remain interested!

A few weeks ago I made a post referring to my recently opened Ko-fi page, and since opening it I've had the pleasure of getting two cups for virtually nothing in return. It felt pretty sweet at the time, and I am still very appreciative. But I've come to realize that I want to feel like I'm earning something when one of you is nice enough to donate. And that is why from now on, any and all donations will come with near-instantaneous* rewards for the donor and all other readers!

I call it CuPosting. Yes, it's a terrible name. And I love it.

1 Cup = 1 Post. Simply include in your private message accompanying a donation one writing prompt of a few sentences or less. It can be related to the Ivory Tower University Setting, or anything fantasy-orient, or even fiction in general, so long as my writing in response to it would not flag my blog as adult-oriented... because I can go on and on about the hideous experiments of Mersind & Hital all I want, but a single descriptive instance of consensual boinking would be a no-no.

You can also mention your name or one of your aliases in the prompt message, and I'll be happy to give you or content of your own a shout-out in the associated post.

As stated, I do have general plans for my own posts and will be continuing with those, so have no fear about my content suddenly being overtaken by the will of the masses. I have loads of free time this time of year, anyway.

At least until the squirrels start to come back out in great enough numbers and ferocity...

* Instantaneous, up to my capacity to write in a timely fashion, given how hectic life can be. As well as assuming I don't all of a sudden receive a massive influx of donations and requests. Of course if that did happen, I would be so incredibly delighted that rest assured, I would put aside a big chunk of time to get around to each and every prompt.

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