Saturday, December 23, 2017

Looking Toward the New Year.

Well, I managed to do it. I've finished my final year of college, earning myself a delayed diploma as well as the eternal ire of Roberick Litte.

This means a lot of things, but the only relevant one for right now is that I will finally be back to semi-regular posting!

[This is where I would insert
a picture of an exhausted Furt
with deflated party blower
and slightly tilted cone hat,
if I could afford to pay an artist]

Also, while I can't make any promises, I might make a New Year's Resolution to create a Patreon for my blog, assuming I can write enough quality junk to furnish one with.

What would my reader(s) want to see in future material coming from the Burrow? I do have a plan for the next few months, at least broadly speaking, but I bet input from all of you would allow me to address topics and bits of lore that I wouldn't ever think of.

Leave a comment down below, if anything jumps out at you.

Now, on to other things. Like a continuation of the travelogue!

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